Reading Aloud: Tips From ‘ThoughtCo’

I found this interesting and I have followed this suggestion when writing my own stories, as few and far between as they’ve been in 2020. Yet, still, some good advice…

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Retired in 2013 after 5 years as an elementary school teacher and 40 years as a sales representative to begin anew as a school crossing guard. SMy essays/stories are a way to communicate through the telling of personal experiences. One reader said about my blog stories, "...these are like a cold sip during a marathon run, simple, real life events". Another offered about my blog, “it brings some sense of normalcy not easily found in the modern world.”

28 thoughts on “Reading Aloud: Tips From ‘ThoughtCo’”

  1. The ThoughtCo post triggered a memory I had completely forgotten about from elementary school. Teachers would chastise various classmates with “Read to yourself” and “Don’t move your lips when you read.” Thinking back, I believe those kids needed to say the words out loud to understand what they meant.

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  2. It’s amazing to me how many times you can not see something when you’re visually editing. As soon as you read something aloud, obvious errors stand out.

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