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Ahhh, the morning newspaper. World updates, local happenings, sports, the funnies. Quite frankly, I’d miss my morning paper more than my morning ‘Joe’. What about you?

I started reading the morning paper as a kid, growing up in Worcester, MA.  We were a ‘two-a-day’ family, subscribing to the Morning Telegram and Evening Gazette. Like clockwork, ‘paperboys’ delivered them to our back door early morning and late afternoon, six days a week and Sunday morning.  My sister and I raced for the Sunday comics. The winner would get smug while the loser got a tantalizingly long lesson in ‘patience’.

I don’t race to get the paper now, I can’t move that fast. Besides, I probably read the major news items on my smart phone during a night wakeup, hence the urgency isn’t as great. Regardless, reading it page to page is still a priority in the morning.

Afternoon editions are passé in today’s news business. Modern technology informs us as events unfold, no waiting. Cable news, Internet and ‘talking heads’ are fierce competitors for newspapers. In that same vein, I suppose, morning editions are likely carrying ‘stale’ news, as well. Isn’t progress wonderful?  Well, yes, but…

I’m a bit of a ‘dinosaur’ when it comes to the ‘speed’ of today’s environment. That’s why I like baseball, a leisurely game, completed when completed, no clock, just a comfortable pastime.  Quit tinkering with it.

I don’t like being rushed through checkout lines, either, and am not a fan of instant oatmeal. I like to take my time, and that goes for reading the news. The local paper allows me that quirk without pressing buttons, scrolling screens or double clicking. And I don’t mind a little newsprint on my fingers. I’m a ‘dinosaur’.

I like big headlines, bold and dramatic. The bolder the headlines, the more dramatic the event. Two word headlines really get my attention:




(In baseball, ‘1 outta 3’ is pretty good!)

So many headlines I’ve seen over the years: wars and weather, moon shots and hot shots, politicians and popes, winners and losers. I’ve read them all in my morning paper and even saved some in a box, stashed in my cellar. They probably deserve better.

Occasionally, I’ll read them and reflect, ‘a lot has happened in my lifetime,  what will my morning paper read tomorrow?’  I think I’ll hurry to the back door early for that answer. Will it be old news by then?  This ‘dinosaur’ enjoys his morning paper!


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Retired in 2013 after 5 years as an elementary school teacher and 40 years as a sales representative to begin anew as a school crossing guard. SMy essays/stories are a way to communicate through the telling of personal experiences. One reader said about my blog stories, "...these are like a cold sip during a marathon run, simple, real life events". Another offered about my blog, “it brings some sense of normalcy not easily found in the modern world.”

16 thoughts on “My Morning Paper”

  1. Our mornings would be the same without the newspaper – nothing like having breakfast and reading the news even though the D&C is much thinner now!

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  2. Morning news paper and coffee had, kind of a seminal connection. The muffled sound of ‘paer drop’ at the door snached me out of the bed and the day started. Like a love triangle, entered technology and it spoiled the great love affair. I am glad that people still read paper. But probably in another few years there will be ‘Veterns of News Paper Reader’s Club’ where the survivors will meet to read old papers, have coffee and cereal.
    No – not that bad, just teasing!

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  3. Another winner. Can’t tell you how many times I think about reading the comics when we were at home. Sorry I made you wait so many times but think you turned out pretty good after all. Gary really liked this one. He’s never had those “city” experiences as we have had but you ought to hear some of his “country life” experiences. Well done. We’re on our way to northeast Ga. Mans. For a golf trip all week. Just a few miles from Piedmont College so we’re familiar with this area. One of our favorite parts of Ga. King wood Resort and C.C. I’m just along for the ride although I’m teaching a craft class to the lady non-golfers. I think I get my “craftiness” from watching dad tie his fishing flies. Get back to your paper and stay well.

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    1. It’s hard to believe that dad subscribed to two daily papers. For a man who lacked a formal education, he sure read s lot and kept up on current events. Glad you enjoyed the walk down memory lane.


  4. I see papers going away and am a bit sad. Sunday morning paper with coffee is a tactile pleasure that getting it online just doesn’t satisfy. I hope the pendulum evens and we find a place for both the virtual and the real.

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    1. And if you spill on the paper, no big deal… I’m with you on the pendulum and agree, wholeheartedly about the pleasure of coffee and newspaper, even though I may have read the same headlines hours earlier on the Internet. Thanks for the great comment.


  5. Hey Steve, I really like this post. Perhaps its my favorite one yet so I will use it to give you the critique you requested. There are many things I like about your posts or “musings”. Firstly, I like their length; short is good. I have a short attention span. I love your language and command on words, they flow so fluidly like butter melting on a warm toast. Your imagery is vivid and somewhat humorous and light hearted, it pleases the poet in me. Above all your posts have a sense of timelessness to them. Its about enjoying the little joys of life; dancing with your wife, ruminating over a bowl of cereal, reading a newspaper and so on. They are quick and witty and comforting. What more can I say? Keep up the good work. Maybe you can compile them and publish an e-book or something. Wishing you the best in your journey! Until we meet again.

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  6. Neha, what gracious feedback. I’m gratful for the positive comments. They confirm what my approach has been in my musings and similar to some feedback other readers have given me. A neighbor likes my writing but wants me tomore ‘edgy’, write about ‘angst’. I haven’t found that voice yet, except for my dog’s eulogy. I love the notion that my essays remind readers of something in their own life’s experience. I would like to share the essays in some other form I haveno experience with e-books but should look into it. Thank you, Neha.

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