The Bar Chronicle: #29, ‘There Are No Canaries In The Canary Islands…’*

*strange as it seems. I started this episode of ‘TBC’ in early 2020 and failed to finish it. Just found it, so here we go…

The cold and flu bug sacked two of us from our 29th ‘Bar Night’, including the ‘guest of honor’, tonight was to be his ‘swan song’ before heading for the Sunshine State, leaving us behind to suffer Lake Ontario’s winter wrath.

Of course, going south for warmer weather automatically designates you as the official buyer of rounds upon your return. He knows that and is eager to accommodate. Who wouldn’t be?

However, we still had a quorum, a legitimate excuse to ‘party’, four of us. And, we did, after the appropriate toast and well wishes.

Caverly’s Irish Pub, on South Ave., is still our favorite watering hole and we headed there again, on a Tuesday evening this time, instead of the usual Wednesday, and were surprised to find a full house. Don’t people know it’s winter?

That full house meant a loud house, so we ordered our ‘stouts and lites’ and made haste to an empty back room for some privacy and relative quiet. For me, even a ‘back room’ requires cupping the ear.

Tonight’s conversation seemed a bit different. We tabled any talk of extra terrestrials, for now, and filled our hour with brief , yet serious discussions of declining church attendance, Sudoku and humor, at the risk of repeating stories that we probably told in prior meetings.

We even discussed the importance of drinking water.

I came prepared with an article to share on health tips. One tip urged people to drink enough water, 8 cups a day. I’ve never been a big water drinker and find it challenging to swallow eight cups a day but have discovered that adding a dash of scotch makes it more palatable. Or is the other way around?

Starbucks coffee shops have very good water. It should be, it’s filtered three times and during hot summer months, I add a cup of water to my coffee order. And it’s free.

We ended the night on comedy. Laughing is a prescription for ending the day, or anytime, isn’t it? See what you think.

One among us knows how to set up a joke and he did it perfectly during our talk about stations in military service. He was in the Canary Islands at some point and dutifully noted for our consumption that, believe it or not, there are no canaries in the Canary Islands. I have no idea on the veracity of that statement, but he was setting us up, after all.

In the course of our discussion, the same gent offered that he also had been to the Virgin Islands. And guess what’s not in the Virgin Islands. That was my first thought, but no, it’s canaries, again. Think about it.

We headed home shaking our heads and chuckling because, it’s true, laughter is the best medicine.


Note: this was the last time the ‘Bar Nighters’ met before the Covid-19 pandemic shut down our gatherings. We next met in February 2021 via Zoom.

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Retired in 2013 after 5 years as an elementary school teacher and 40 years as a sales representative to begin anew as a school crossing guard. SMy essays/stories are a way to communicate through the telling of personal experiences. One reader said about my blog stories, "...these are like a cold sip during a marathon run, simple, real life events". Another offered about my blog, “it brings some sense of normalcy not easily found in the modern world.”

25 thoughts on “The Bar Chronicle: #29, ‘There Are No Canaries In The Canary Islands…’*”

  1. Sounds like a great time. I organize a monthly retirement lunch for our school staff. Last week was the first time we’ve gathered in the last year. I typically make a reservation at a restaurant after I find out how many are coming. It ranges anywhere from 6-20 depending on the month. This time we met outside on someone’s deck and each brought a lawn chair. So nice to see friends whether alcohol is involved or not. I’ve got my beer buddies too.

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    1. Sounds great, Pete. Yea, beer is the least of our reasons for gathering. I kid about it. But it’s the camaraderie. My group began with two of us going out for a beer after a full town meeting on future planning. Then it grew to 6 of us geezers in the neighborhood. I’d like to add a few more but then it becomes complicated, as you are aware. Nevertheless, isn’t it fun gathering with friends and as Springsteen out it, ‘talking about the Glory Days? Thanks for commenting, Pete, I always enjoy it.

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  2. This sounds like it was a great last night out. I’m sure you didn’t know at the time it would be a whole year before you met again. I also battle to drink water, especially in water. I respond to putting sliced strawberries in it.

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    1. Hadn’t even heard the term Covid-19 at that point. 8 cups a day? Who does that? I’m a slow drinker who takes small gulps which is why I was never a beer chugged. Probably a good thing.🤪

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    1. Well, if it was, they’re fine. The one went to Florida where the sun probably baked the fever out of him. But, seriously, I believe it was just a flu bug, but since we weren’t familiar with the term, Covid-19 yet, who knows. Thanks, Derrick b

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    1. At least you and I do😂. Being someone who falls for stuff, when he told it, I must admit that I had that temporary gaze when the eyebrows squint and you’re thinking. But, only temporary, mind you!

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  3. A fitting last meeting for a year, Steve. The best jokes are those told with a straight face and with multiple facts included. I happen to know also that the Falkland Islands have no Falks left either. Thanks for the laugh.

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    1. What? You’re kidding! I love good story tellers, especially those who take common, ordinary circumstances and find the humor in them. Laughing is a great stress reliever. We need more of it. Thanks for contributing, John.

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  4. Just love reading your Chronicles. I seem to learn something new each time I read them or I get a good idea here or there to use with the grandchildren. Keep them coming. We both are doing well and hope you and Cheryl are, also. Love to you both

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    1. Anytime I can make my Big Sister smarter, it’s my pleasure. Did you see the one about the Crossing Guard and Lincoln? No, not MacDonald, Abe! (Team of Rivals)😉 Keep up the great care and stay well live you!


  5. I love your stories! By the time the Virgin Islands came up, I was laughing out loud. Yes, laughter is the best medicine, especially with good friends. I’m looking forward to your Zoom outdoors, hopefully finding ET.

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    1. But, Jennie, I wonder if he was right about ‘no canaries in the Virgin Islands’ vs what I thought. I may have to make a personal visit to verify for myself. If it’s what I thought, then I may be gone awhile. 😉

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