‘Cheeky Business’

What’s the saying, “every dark cloud has a silver lining”? It’s true, with the right circumstances, one can find it, even in something as daunting as COVID.

Like many of you, I’d been jabbed once, twice, quadrupled even. Nevertheless, as we’ve learned and as medical science has confirmed, jabs don’t guarantee immunity to COVID and all its permutations, but the extra protection…well, it’s just extra.

And if a little extra is good, then why not have more? Thanks to a challenging immune system, I became a candidate for more, Evushield.

Evusheld is meant for candidates like me, those with immune system issues who willingly follow a trusted doctor’s advice for the promise of an extra barrier against COVID, albeit for a brief period, 6 months, I believe.

But that’s not the silver lining.

Evusheld is a two shot process, one in each cheek, the big cheeks. This story is enjoyed best if you visualize it.

If my memory serves me, my last cheeky injection was from a pediatrician. And the last ‘double shot’ may have been in a bar in Cleveland. Before that, Uncle Sam protected me with two shots, one in each arm as I walked the ‘gauntlet’ of medics at the Fort Ord Army reception center. I was protected against everything except the harassment.

With Evushield, the shots were given by two very affable and capable young nurses, positioned behind me, kneeling, I assume. But that’s not the ‘silver lining’. In fact, truthfully, it made me a bit anxious.

Here’s the real ‘silver lining’. The good humor nurses explained the process and wiped away any trepidation and what was a serious discussion initially, quickly turned into light banter, as they prepared two needles. Humor is the great relaxer.

When the order was given, “stand up and turn around”, our banter continued. I was relaxed, even as the feel of latex gloves grabbed hold to keep me in place.

Then the countdown began. ‘3-2-1-jab!” I thought I was listening to a SpaceX launch.

Why the countdown and why two nurses? The shots have to be given simultaneously, one in each side. The serum must meet in the middle and blend, right?

An hour in recovery followed and I went home with a good story. Butt for the early hour, it was just another chapter in my notebook of COVID stories, this time, a story of good people and good humor.

(photo courtesy of Internet)

And I love a good story.

Steve B

To nurses on the front line who do remarkable work under stressful conditions

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Retired in 2013 after 5 years as an elementary school teacher and 40 years as a sales representative to begin anew as a school crossing guard. SMy essays/stories are a way to communicate through the telling of personal experiences. One reader said about my blog stories, "...these are like a cold sip during a marathon run, simple, real life events". Another offered about my blog, “it brings some sense of normalcy not easily found in the modern world.”

23 thoughts on “‘Cheeky Business’”

  1. I needed to read this! I haven’t caught Covid yet, and I’m immunocompromised. I worry that my husband or I will catch it. I’m 44 and feel that it will be a painful death for me if I do catch it. My husband is 75, and because of his age, he’s not guaranteed to live through it. We’ve both had four shots. I’m not on Evusheld, but I’ve heard about it. When I heard about it, the country had difficulty getting Evusheld, or maybe the doctors didn’t know about it. I don’t know if the situation has changed, but I plan to talk to my doctor about it. I’d feel better if I had an extra layer of protection.


  2. Hi Steve,
    So glad you were able to get the extra protection. Having had the USMC’s copious variety of doses and sizes of doses I can appreciate your wondering how this was going to go. Glad it went well.
    Am hopeful we learned a lot from this earth wide ordeal. Enough to do better next time.
    Sounds like you’re already on that track.
    Jim Murdock

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    1. Jim, hopefully there won’t be a ‘next time’. Wait, what’s this monkey business in the news. Egahds! By the way, flu season starts soon. Another shot. I’m going to start springing leaks. Thanks for commenting. Jim.


  3. We wouldn’t want one of your cheeks to receive preferred treatment, Steve. Keep bringing the world together, but not one cheek at a time. I’ve never heard of receiving two injections simultaneously. Your main message of finding humor in these moments of everyday life rings true for me.

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  4. Steve, I am not familiar with the injections you received, but I am thankful you have such precautionary treatment available. These last two years have been so challenging. I am thankful that we have made such progress and that you are the one to tell the stories. I appreciate your humor so much.

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    1. Maggie, thank you very much. I had never heard of it, either, but the doc ordered it after I had just come off a mild COVID case. Apparently, it is well known in this area because the reception area was a steady stream of fresh butts, all sizes, shapes and genders. By the way, , the countdown was real. Glad I made you laugh.


    1. The tomato was good, I thought, as well. But did you notice my spelling of the word ‘but’ near the end? It was in error but a perfect error in my ‘humble’ opinion. Thanks, Liz. By the way, i had never heard of it until one of my docs said, “I think you should have this…next week”. This guy is good, so I did. I’m not sure if it’s open to anyone but go on line to learn more. It’s supposed to be effective for a short time.

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    1. Yes, 6, and I talked through every one. Why the butt? I think they were just being kinky😎. No, truthfully, the butt has the biggest muscle. Finally, after 76 years, I learned where my muscles are. The drug is EVUSHELD. Find it on the internet. I was going to ask them for a date …😂😂😂


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