The Bar Chronicles: #22, UFOs (and you thought we only came for the beer)

Bar Night 2

The forecast called for rain, freezing rain and a quick blast of snow. Our plans called for beer, a cold beer and a heavy dose of camaraderie.

We would not be denied!

However, as veterans of western New York weather (a.k.a. ‘old guys’) with familiarity of the dreaded ‘black ice’, we walked cautiously from car to bar, looking out for each other as friends are wont to do, ready to reach out at the first slip.

A good thing, too, because tonight, at Caverly’s Irish Pub in the Southwedge neighborhood, our first Bar Night of 2019, we had a potpourri of topics on our agenda. In truth, we don’t have an agenda, we just get our beers, sit down and talk, ‘unplugged’!

First things first, goodbyes were in order for one of our dear friends in the group. Oh, Heavens no, not that kind of goodbye. he’s only going to Florida for a couple of months. Will be back here in March when he hopes winter will be just a fading memory. We all know, of course, that winter along the southern shores of the Great Lake, Ontario, lingers well beyond March, often with big surges deep into April.

We lifted our mugs high, or as best we could with sore elbows, bum shoulders and oil can joints, and wished our friend safe travels, warm weather and a speedy return because next time, he buys.

Do you believe in UFOs, other planets that sustain life? Do we occupy this vast system of universes just ourselves, we earthlings? It’s easy to be a skeptic, isn’t it. If you haven’t seen something, then it probably doesn’t exist. Or, have we seen it?

Got your attention? And you thought we only came for the beer. Not at all, but it helps. As we age and become more erudite (remember, the beer helps) we begin to address Life’s lingering questions, such as, ‘is anyone out there’?

What did the Navy pilots aboard the USS Nimitz actually see when they encountered … what shall we call it, a spaceship… off the California coast in 2004? The US government has records of the incident, an incredible story that involved well trained, experienced and credible personnel.

I know, you have your doubts. Read about it, yourself. Look up ‘USS Nimitz & UFO incident’ for a full version. Don’t take a writer’s word, I’m just trying to get and keep your attention. Maybe this Wikipedia article will turn you a little…

The USS Nimitz UFO incident refers to a 2004 radar-visual encounter of an unidentified flying object by US fighter pilots of the Nimitz Carrier Strike Group. In December 2017, infrared footage of the encounter was released to the public.

This Bar Nighters were getting into some serious topics, tonight, eh. And it wasn’t the beer talking, heck, we only drank one. No, this was deep thinking material, esoterica, one might say.

I looked at our clear skies differently on the drive home tonight and paused in my driveway after dropping off the last rider; stars as far as I could see, a limitless vista. I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘is anything looking back at me’, as I lowered the garage door and scooted inside.

Here’s a link for more basic data about our skies and those beyond…

And you thought we went out just for the beer.



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16 thoughts on “The Bar Chronicles: #22, UFOs (and you thought we only came for the beer)”

  1. One beer is plenty as we age. Funny how that is. My first mother in law was a silent, stick in the mud intellectual with an IQ of 186. She would have been in medical school at 16 but the war put an end to that. She had one conversation with me on a clear night and told me she knew they were real. She had seen it for herself. That was the end and as she was not the type to tell tall tales, I believed her. I’ve seen an Angel (they don’t look like the pictures) but couldn’t prove it to anyone. When quantum physics gets done with us, we will understand how much more there is than we let ourselves believe. And I haven’t even had a beer…yet. 😉
    I love that you were careful on that darn black ice and talked off all the beer before heading back out there again. What a wonderful thing it is to have friends like that.

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  2. You would get on very well with my Dad, Steve. He has a huge interest in astronomy, aliens and all the government interventions. I grew up listening to his thoughts on these topics as well as astral travel, Wicca and a host of other fascinating things. The great thing about my Dad is he gives you his thoughts but lets you make your own choices in life. Your bar nights sounds very entertaining.

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    1. Oh, Robbie, he would fit right in with our small cadre of Bar Chroniclers on Bar Night, especially that night. It was a fun discussion and my story only highlights a snippet. He’s welcome to join us, anytime, as long as he ‘an old geezer’ with a young attitude. 😂

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    1. One day, maybe, one day…whoosh, I’ll be plucked into their vehicle and asked a million questions. It does make you wonder, doesn’t it? You’d enjoy sitting at the table with us.😉

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    1. Thanks, Elen. I’m glad you liked the ‘oil can joints’ description. I would have been disappointed if someone hadn’t. Am not surprised of all my followers (what, 6 or 7), you called it out. What do we need to do to entice ‘them’ out of hiding? No, not my legion of followers, the aliens?

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